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Main Stadium  

Capacity: 25,000 people including VIP seating


12 entries, 1 car - emergency ambulance entry.
Lights in the four corners, 7 fixed TV camera stands,
1 video scoreboard and 10 commentators boxes

Football field of 110 m x 75 m (+ 3 m)


Outdoor facilities  

Athletics track in Dunlop tartan: six lanes and eight 100 m sprint lanes and all athletic facilities.


One Football Training Field of 110 x 74 m (+ 2 m), grass covered, with lights

One Football Training Field of 110 x 74 m (+ 2 m) grass covered, with lights


Indoor facilities  

Capacity 3,000 people (adjustable stands) and 200 VIP seats


Main Indoor Hall 50 x 50 x 15 m floored in rubber-tartan with:
Eight volleyball fields.
Six small (26 x 14 m) basketball training fields (possibility to have 1 main competition basketball field (28 x 15 m) since basketball boards can be lowered from the ceiling).
Two handball field.

One small training Tennis Table Hall of 12 x 15 m and 4 tables

24 hotel rooms with 2 people per room

One Power Room



One Medicine and massage room


Changing room and showers



Reception area and VIP room

24 Hotel rooms (2pp per room)



Private parking for approx. 900 cars



Stadium of Al-Rayyan in the planning phase with the office building and the initially planned multi sports complex.
Stadium of Al-Rayyan under construction.
Al-Rayyan stadium and office building under construction.
Adjacent football field and athletics training field of the Al-Rayyan stadium (under construction). Between both on the left a parking area for 900 cars will be foreseen.
The Al-Rayyan multi sports hall with a seating capacity of 3,000 people.
Artist impression of the Al-Rayyan Hall.