Since 1979 Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has been leading the Olympic movement in Qatar. It is one of 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) currently recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In the heart of the sports events, QOC is committed to be the change and the pioneer of sustainable Sport development in Qatar, striving for SPORT with PURPOSE.QOC recognises its duty to demonstrate leadership in the field of event sustainability management by conducting its event-related activities in line with the ISO 20121 Standard by:

  • Satisfying all standard and IOC requirements and Ensuring compliance with relevant national and international legal and other requirements as well as best practices.

  • Providing a framework for setting sustainable development objectives that are aligned with the United Nations (UN) sustainability goals (SDG) and IOC Agenda and that are supported by the principles of sustainable development. We define these as inclusivity, integrity, stewardship, transparency, and legacy as referenced within our Statement of Purpose and Values.

  • Optimizing all processes of the event management cycle, from conception and planning to implementation, review, and post-event activities.

  • Reducing Environmental impact, boosting economic growth and building sustainable communities.

  • STaking significant actions and changes in these key areas: Communication, procurement, health and safety, energy, water, air, waste, community, mobility, transport, food, housekeeping, and venues.

  • Focusing on integrating sustainability throughout our supply chain management.

  • Organizing dialogue with stakeholders and all interested parties to raise their awareness, ensure their support, inputs, and feedback.

  • Rreinforcing stakeholder engagement and collaboration efforts as they are core to how we are executing our strategies and actions within our Sustainability Framework.

  • Lifting our performance by conducting audits, measuring, and monitoring our progress against sustainability principles and objectives.

  • Improving continually our event sustainability management system each year and each event.

  • Fulfilling the necessary resources needed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our event sustainability management system.

  • Empowering our employees and sustainability champions by supporting education initiatives, providing training, leveraging their knowledge, and transferring legacy.


In our pursuit of Sustainable Sport development, we at the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) are committed to:


  • Consistently adopt a planning and coordination approach aimed at meeting client satisfaction, complying with the legal IMS requirements in order to improve sports facilities utilization, sports performance and community’s participation, thus strengthening Qatar position in the international sport arena.

  • Enhance overall satisfaction of our QOC clients

  • Ensure that appropriate measures are deployed in planning and coordination activities to prevent injury and ill-health of people working under the control of our organization

  • Ensure that appropriate measures are deployed in planning and coordination activities to prevent pollution, reduce natural resource consumption and waste to minimum extent wherever appropriate

  • Ensure all our processes are on a continual improvement path, by setting realistic & challenging targets and through regular review of its performance indicators

  • Ensure that our employees are encouraged to capitalize on continual professional and personal development and are empowered to demonstrate leadership in their respective areas of work

  • Ensure that all people working under control of an organization are made aware of Policy, IMS requirements and their related responsibilities towards complying with IMS

    • Ensure commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks

    • Ensure commitment to consultation and participation of workers, and, where they exist, workers’ representatives.