ESB Elite & Open Global Leagues present Qatar Esports Federation as global institutional partner

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May 20,2024
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ESB Elite & Open Global Leagues present Qatar Esports Federation as global institutional partner

Doha: After the recent changes in the Dota 2 competitive landscape with the cancellation of the DPC (Dota Pro Circuit), ESB, the esports producer and broadcaster, alongside with the QESF, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to execute a series of top events for 2024 with a 3 year vision. This will happen in the frame of a global expansion plan of ESB, that will settle its new international operations in Doha, Qatar.
“There is a big space in the Dota 2 and esports scene for innovation and doing great things for the community, not only at the top level of competitive esports, but also at a regional and amateur level. The Qatar experience of hosting worldwide top sports events like the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the Asian Football Cup in 2023, and many others, added to its ideal location as a transit hub and amazing infrastructure, places the country as an ideal candidate for setting up our global hub.” Said Gonzalo Velasco, CEO of ESB.
From the QESF, General Secretary Mr. Faisal Khalid added: “The QESF is committed to support the international esports community, and this agreement is the first step of a long term plan with ESB to innovate and push the esports ecosystem forward, not only in Qatar and the MENA region, but around the world.”
Elie Gemayel, CEO of Quest Esports, stated: “Our partnership with QESF, ESB, and Sportfive is a groundbreaking step, not only for PSG.Quest but for the entire esports community. This initiative is a phenomenal opportunity to inspire and elevate amateur gamers, providing a platform to showcase their talent and potential to transition into professional esports. Representing Qatar, the PSG.Quest Dota 2 team is excited to demonstrate our skills on both local and international stages, further establishing Qatar as a key player in the global esports landscape.”

The league will partner with international medias and brands to help them reach a young and tech-savvy audience. “

The attractiveness of the league from an advertising perspective is very important because of its global approach, featuring teams from all the regions of the world, and Sportfive’s network and experience with top sports events will make sure that all the right stakeholders form part of this endeavor.” Added Vianney Davillé, Senior ESports Media Rights Manager at SPORTFIVE.

“Although the new competitive landscape gives room for creative big formats like the Main Events, sustainability remains one of the biggest challenges for emerging teams, and we want to make sure that we make the effort to also support them in the best way we can, so expect more interesting news regarding this very soon.” - Gonzalo Velasco, CEO of ESB.
“Esports are not only about the best players in the world, but about the community and the passion for the game in every player’s heart, that is why we will make fans part of the project, not only spectators.” Mr. Faisal Khalid, General Secretary of QESF.